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Natacha Atlas

Natacha Atlas - Gafsa Lyrics


Habet Riyahel Hobi fi bali
*The breeze of romance started blowing in my mind
Tahdeeni Salam el habib X2
*Present me with the peace of my sweetheart.
Tigouli 'Erja3 ya Ghali
*You will say 'Return my precious,
Ta3lel fourag wal il gharib' x2
*Forget the separation and the strangeness.'

Goulet Hayali “Sharadat Hali,
*My imagination will say 'I wonder aimlessly,
Wa gounet manali sa3eed.”
*And my ambition will be happy.”
Wa ttalet min bourja3 il 3ali,
*And she appeared from the high towers,
Wou Galet Kilamah Ghareeb…
*And said strange words…

“Erja3 ya Hobb,
*Return my love,
Mali fi dounya naseeb.
*I don't have luck (destiny) in this world.
Inta hobi lakin,
*You are my love then,
Mish moumkin tkouni halali.”
*But it is impossible that you will be mine.

Ah lel
*Oh night

Ya 3ayni, ya.
*Oh my eye, oh (Arabic term of endearment.)

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