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MF DOOM Feat. Angelika & 4Ize

MF DOOM Feat. Angelika & 4Ize - Guinesses Lyrics


The Bravery - Angelika
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Replenish your blossoming bacchanal
And let regret end at the start of the day
And don't take no secret back to your grave
Let everyone know
Angelika, Angelika, Angelika
If wildness covers the colors you sense
Then how could you think God has no friends
If life's for the living and death for the dead
And love's in your heart and hate's in your head
You got to go blank to let it appear
The garden on high grows bigger each year
Without the black stone you can't break the string
The omniverse sings of all these things
Canoneros disparando
Aguinaldo en el barrio
Velero de luz que trae el cambio
Que caiga la cruz y suba dios
La lagrima en to corazon
Suelta la, suelta la mi amor
Mi amor mi amor
Angelika, Angelika

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