Ya El Yelil Lyrics


Mezdeke - Ya El Yelil Lyrics


latbeeh wala tishtiri (Dont buy or sell)
wala ti2sa wtinfiri (Or become cold and distant)
dal aswa ya 3ayni mora (For coldness is sour)
mora (sour)
ilaswa ya 3ayni mora mora (Coldness oh my eye is sour sour)
ya 3ayni ya leyl (Oh my eye, oh my nights)
lelli lellli (Nights nights)
w gamalak sokareen (And your beauty is a sugar (i.e sweet))

ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah

ana kont bawsifak (I used to describe you)
min abl ma a3rafak (Before I even knew you)
atareek mish dari biya (Turns out you didnt even know me)
biya (me)
ya 3ayn ya layl (Oh my eye my night)
lelli lelli (Night night)
w gamalak sokareen (And your beauty is a sugar)

ana 2olt ya tara (I said I wonder)
eh bas ili gara (What has happened)
dal nawm khaseem 3inaya (For sleep has left my eyes)
ya 3ayni ya layl (Oh my eye my night)
lelli lelli (Night night)
w gamalak sokareen (And your beauty is sugar)

Song & Lyrics Facts

Mezdeke - Ya el Yelil is a song released in 2010. It was written by the Mezdeke band and featured on their album, "Orientalia".

The song has become an iconic part of Middle Eastern music culture due to its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics. The lyrics are about a man who is longing for his beloved despite the distance between them. The song has gained popularity across many countries in the Middle East and beyond, becoming one of Mezdeke's most popular songs. It has been used in numerous films, television shows, and commercials, as well as being covered by other artists.

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