Celebrate The Summer (Dancing DJ's Remix) Lyrics


Lacuna - Celebrate The Summer (Dancing DJ's Remix) Lyrics


you're my hunnybun, sugarplum,
pumpie-umpie-umpkin, you're my sweetie-pie,
you're cuppy-cake,gum-drop, snukkum-snukkum
snort, the apple of my eye, and i love you so
and i want you to know that ill always be right here
and i love to sing these songs to you because
you are so dear.

Man- oh sorry had the turn table at the worng speed
want to dry again
other Man- who the f*** are you

Celebrate the summer back into the sea,
Celebrate the feeling, you and me
Take me to the ocean, live a less a screen
Take me to the hot summer dream.

*music starts playing*faded rap*

Chorus x2

celebrate the summer back into
summer back into the, back into ,back into the


chorus x3

Song & Lyrics Facts

Lacuna - Celebrate the Summer (Dancing DJ's remix) is a single from Lacuna's album, "Take Me Away", released in 2001. The song was released as part of their summertime celebration and features an upbeat dance beat with cheerful lyrics.

It was written by band members Roberta Maggio, Roberto Galli and Luca Carboni, and produced by Italian producer Alberto Radius. The genre of the track is Eurodance, combining elements of techno, house and pop music. The song proved to be a major success for the group, charting at number 2 on the Italian charts and becoming one of their biggest hits. The catchy chorus encourages listeners to celebrate the summer season by dancing and having fun. The lyrics also express appreciation for the joys of life, such as friends and family. This uplifting track has become a popular choice for many DJs at festivals and clubs around the world.

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