Memory Lyrics

Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis - Memory Lyrics


get beneath the bed it's another attack
but when the monster turned man, you don't know how to react
and daddy named it the singing bridge in memory of the ghosts that lived here
my timing could not have been better,
she cried

although she's gone
although its over
a memory hangs on
a memory

as the dust settles and the smoke is rising
up about the clouds a dove is crying
I leave a trail of copper faces all around the town in different places
I'd like to think that they'll be happy
Or try

although she's gone
although its over
a memory hangs on
a memory


Kina Grannis is an American singer-songwriter from California. Her song "Memory" was released on October 4th, 2019 as part of her album 'This Old Machine'.

The song was written by Kina Grannis and produced by Aaron Farro and Dennis White. The band accompanying Kina in the track consists of Aaron Farro (drums), Dennis White (guitar) and Jonny Hines (bass). The lyrics to the song tell a story of nostalgia and reflect on past memories, both good and bad. It's a beautiful ballad that captures the feeling of remembering while letting go.

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