Through Your Eyes Lyrics

Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern - Through Your Eyes Lyrics


I don't need no special things to get me high
All I needs a touch of Ron to get me by
I see people traveling, never make a move
I don't follow my leader, needles in the groove
I don't like sitar, it don't touch guitar
People selling me heaven, praying to the sky
I don't read their message, listen with your eyes
Listen with your eyes, listen with your eyes
(I love it)
You've had a hustling day
Your life's roundabout anyway
I got my feet on the ground
That doesn't mean I don't get around
I get up on tops and down on Mr. Blue
I love to see a daybreak, it's not a chemical wide awake
I like a rub in the tub, I never want to pull out the plug
I get up on tops and down on Mr. Blue, Mr. Blue
People search the dailies, live by horoscope
Looking for direction, don't they get the joke
I won't fear the reaper, when the curtain falls
I'm not vegetating, waiting for the call
I don't like sitar, it don't touch guitar
Wake up to the future, you should make your plans
Dreams are made in heaven, life is in your hands
Life is in your hands, life is in your hands
Life is in your hands

Song & Lyrics Facts

Kevin Kern's "Through Your Eyes" is a beautiful piano-led song released on his album, In the Enchanted Garden in 1996. Written by Kevin Kern and arranged by Jim Brickman, this song features an enchanting melody that captures the beauty of love from another person’s perspective, making it one of Kern’s most beloved songs.

The lyrics tell the story of how two people can share a deep connection even when words fail them. Through its gentle instrumentation, the music conveys a sense of peacefulness and warmth. The band accompanying Kern consists of David Cullen (guitar), Chris Cameron (keyboards) and Jeff Haynes (percussion).

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