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John Denver

John Denver - Darcy Farrow Lyrics


Where the Walker runs down to the Carson Valley plain
There lived a young maiden, Darcy Farrow was her name
The daughter of old Dundee, and a fair one was she
The sweetest flower that bloomed o'er the range

Her voice was as sweet as sugar can be
Her touch was as soft as a bed of goose down
Her eyes shone bright like the pretty lights
That shine in the night out at Yerington town

She was courted by young Vandermeer
A fine lad was he, as I am to hear
He gave her silver rings and lacy things
He promised to wed before the snows came that year

Her pony did stumble and she did fall
Her dying touched the hearts of us one and all
Young Vandy in his pain put a bullet through his brain
We buried them together as the snows began to fall

They sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs through
They sing of her beauty in Virginia City too
At dusky sundown to her name they drink a round
And to young Vandy, whose love was true

Song & Lyrics Facts

John Denver's song "Darcy Farrow" was released in 1967 on his album John Denver Sings. The song was written by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell, two folk singers from the Bay Area of California.

The track features backing vocals from Milt Okun, who also produced the record. The lyrics tell the story of a man whose love for Darcy has been unrequited as she moves away to marry someone else. He reflects on their past together with fondness and longing. The song is one of John Denver's most beloved tracks and its simple yet heartfelt lyrics have resonated with fans since its release.

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