Forget Her Lyrics

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley - Forget Her Lyrics


while this town is busy sleeping
all the noise has died away
i walk the streets to stop my weeping
?cause she'll never change her ways
don't fool yourself
she was heartache from the moment that you met her
my heart feels so still
as i try to find the will to forget her somehow
oh i think i've forgotten her now
her love is a rose pale and dying
dropping her petals and men unknown
all full of wine the world before her
was sober with no place to go
my heart is frozen still
cause i try to find the will to forget her somehow
she's somewhere out there now
oh my tears are falling down as i try to forget
her love was a joke from the day that we met
all of the words all of the men
all of my pain when i think back to when
remember her hair as it shone in the sun
the smell of the bed when i knew what she'd done
tell yourself over and over you wont ever need her again
But don't fool yourself
oh my heart is frozen still
she's out there somewhere now
she was heartache from the day that i first met her
as i try to find the will to forget you somehow
cause i know you're somewhere out there right now

Song & Lyrics Facts

Jeff Buckley's song "Forget Her" was released on his 1994 album, Grace. It was written by Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas.

The band featured in the recording includes Mick Grondahl on bass guitar, Matt Johnson on drums, and Michael Tighe on electric guitar. The lyrics of this melancholic track tell a story about a man who is trying to move on from an old love. He sings about how he has tried to forget her but can't seem to do it no matter how hard he tries. Despite its sad subject matter, the song still manages to be uplifting with its beautiful melodies and passionate vocal performance.

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