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Holy Ghost!

Holy Ghost! - Cheap Shots Lyrics


I heard you don't mean what you mean
When you get mean
I heard you're drunk with self esteem
Beneath the seats
at least
Or so it seems
And I can, when it comes when it comes
When it rolls we'll never let it go

Your friends will, will give you
Cheap shots and low blows
Your friends will, will hurt you
Just to let you know

It's true, I know you don't know
You said you knew
And it's true, and soon enough can't come too soon

Everyone was asking, it's a con it's a con
We're the pros, low camera let it go

Oh they love you so

If only I knew then
What I know now in the end
I wouldn't change a thing
I'd see the same film again
I said If only I knew then
What I know now in the end
Way because, way because, way because

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