Leave Here Standing Lyrics

Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll - Leave Here Standing Lyrics


Don't take me down that road againI been there once before my friendIt seems I've lost near everythingAnd I can't lose no more
Well dreams are made for restless heartsI should have known that right from the startThat every lover plays their partOr the whole thing comes undone
Chorus: And I know I'll leave here standingThat's just the way it's always beenI'm scared I'll close my eyes and thenI'll never look on you no more
Oh sweet angel it's time to goThe summer rains are winter snowAnd I just wanted you to knowI miss you when you're gone
So take a breath and ease your mindGo on and leave the past behindSome things you won't ever findLooking way too long
Repeat chorus x 2

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