Outlaw Women Lyrics

Hank Williams (Feat. Jr.)

Hank Williams, Jr. - Outlaw Women Lyrics


She works in a bank and she works in a store
And she don't go for that old stuff anymore
She likes to get high and listen to the band
She likes to make love to her kind of man
These outlaw women first of their kind outlaw women they got you right on time
Outlaw women don't need any guns outlaw women just out of fun

In a way she's a lot like me she don't give a damn bout society
Might be little rich girl she might be poor
Might be a married woman that needs a little more
Yeah she's a outlaw woman first of the kind
These outlaw women ridin' high in seventy-nine
These outlaw women don't need any guns these outlaw women just out of fun

Song & Lyrics Facts

Hank Williams Jr.'s song "Outlaw Women" was released in 1982 on his album High Notes. The song was written by Hank Williams, Jr., and Eddie Kilroy.

It was performed with the Rowdy Friends Band featuring Kenny Bell (guitar), Jimmy Colvard (drums), Larry Franklin (fiddle) and Mike Chapman (bass). The lyrics of this outlaw country anthem tell a story of a man's admiration for strong independent women who don't conform to society's expectations. He sings of how these women are seen as outcasts but he loves them just the same. The chorus says, “Outlaw women never die, they just ride away”.

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