Victims In Paradise Lyrics


Gazebo - Victims In Paradise Lyrics


Ceremony in the churchyard
"Congratulations" is all you hear
Another microcosmic love nest
Is about to dare the devil away today

Secretary's on vacation
Honeymooning in Bali
Eating Chop Suey and raw piranhas
While the man is dreaming
Of how it would be
To be King

Cause they are victims
Victims in paradise

Now the hostess is approaching
"Your tray table and your safety belts!
Sir your pants are in upright position!"
While the Sake has drowned Sally away

Cause she's a victim
Victim in paradise

Tom was an accountant
Working in a factory
Counting all the days
Counting all the papers
Waiting for a wife
To take him from this wife
Who took him from the wife
Who took him away from Sally

Cause he's a victim
Victim in paradise

Cause they are victims
Victims in paradise

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