Stars And Midnight Blue Lyrics


Enya - Stars And Midnight Blue Lyrics


Memories we share together
Moments no one else can know
I will keep them close to me
Never let them go

Once you filled my hands with roses
Then you gave your heart to me
When a kiss had followed this
Love was meant to be

Time goes by
And the snow is drifting
Slowly in the sky
Cold, cold night

As you lie beside me
I can hear your heartbeat

You have lost yourself in dreaming
I have lost myself in you
Now we lie beneath the sky
Stars and midnight blue

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Stars and Midnight Blue" is a song by Irish singer-songwriter Enya, released on her fifth studio album, And Winter Came... (2008).

The track was written by Enya and Roma Ryan, produced by Nicky Ryan, and performed with the band Clannad. It features lyrics about finding hope in times of darkness. Released as the second single from the album on November 17th 2008, "Stars and Midnight Blue" peaked at number 9 in Germany and number 11 in Austria. It also charted on the US Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart at number 28. The accompanying music video for the song was directed by Alex Courtes and filmed in Ireland.

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