Calling The Rain Lyrics


Eluveitie - Calling The Rain Lyrics


A nexus fruition
Whirling cognition
Ulterior, the failing of words

A pageant to leave me bewildered
Lurch at the sight of the clandestine ascendancy
Pervading anima
An awe-struck principle, an adytum to find our home

Long for the rapture again
Crave for the pristine light

Vastness engulfing the soul
Unfurling this truth, an orbit in sovreignity
Sown into deep darkness
The grain has to die, perish to bestow new life

A vis major painting a rapturous view
Heralding a vivid thema

Heed, it's like Calling The Rain
It's like bearing in pain
Like embracing life an decaying in death
Heed, it's like Calling The Rain
It's like the caress of a mother
Like life to go withered, a perennial pneuma
I will not forget what I arose from

Decidual the forests proclaim
The glory primal, the rapturous supremacy
Vanquishing the vile
Burgeoning beyond, bearing the essence of life
Crave for the rapture again
Long for the pristine light

Song & Lyrics Facts

Eluveitie's song "Calling the Rain" is a single off their album Everything Remains (As It Never Was) released in 2010. The Swiss folk metal band formed in 2002, and is composed of vocalist Chrigel Glanzmann, guitarists Ivo Henzi and Sime Koch, hurdy-gurdy player Anna Murphy, bassist Kay Brem, bagpiper Merlin Sutter and drummers Joel Graf and Alain Ackermann.

The lyrics were written by frontman Chrigel Glanzmann, with additional music composition from the rest of the group. With traditional instruments as well as electric guitars and drums, Eluveitie creates a unique sound that combines Celtic folk melodies with heavy metal riffs. "Calling the Rain" features an acoustic introduction before transitioning into a more upbeat tempo.

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