Alive Lyrics

Dirty South

Dirty South - Alive Lyrics


Nothing in the photographs
I got lights in the way
You're going out of my mind
And i wish you would stay

Falling out of my head
I got a twisted sense of time
Feels like i'm turning red
Feel so alive

Alive! alive! alive! alive! alive!
Alive! alive! alive! alive! alive!!!

Song & Lyrics Facts

Dirty South's Alive is a single from the Australian DJ and producer's debut album, Speed of Life. The song was released on June 28th 2011 as part of the album.

It was written by Dirty South along with singer-songwriter Rudy Sandapa, who also provided vocals for the track. The lyrics are about hope and resilience in the face of adversity, with a chorus that goes "We're still alive, we'll never die". The uplifting message and catchy beat make it an ideal choice for any dance floor.

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