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Def Leppard - Foolin' Lyrics


The Bravery - Foolin'
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Foolin' on the human population
I know my mind's on the front line
But when I'm lovin' on the human population
Thank God my heart's playin' its part
One day, one day at a time
Love is the birth of a nation
Born from the good womb of humankind
All these stories of creation
Came from the same flame of the most high
One song, one song at a time
Fearing oh I'm sure gettin' better
With every morn a new fear is born
But when I'm trusting trusting trusting
Knowing that we're in it together
Free to face unknown, free to overcome

Song & Lyrics Facts

Def Leppard's song "Foolin'" was released in 1983 as part of their second studio album Pyromania. It was written by the band's lead singer, Joe Elliott, and guitarist Pete Willis.

The lyrics to this classic rock anthem tell a story of heartache and betrayal, with lines such as "You had me fooled for so long/It took me too long to see". Def Leppard have since performed "Foolin'" at numerous concerts around the world, making it one of their most recognizable tunes.

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