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David Dallas

David Dallas - Big Time Lyrics


Big Time
Big And Rich
My hair might be a little too long for your taste, my friend
My car might cost a little less that that suit you're wearing
I'm glad you've stumbled in here on your business trip
Before you close your tab remember I play for tips
Well I bet your wife is beautiful and you're a really big so-and-so
Well I'm not doing bad myself, hey friend don't you know?CHORUS:
I play guitar and I sing my songs in the sunshine
Captain and Cokes and barroom jokes keep me feeling fine
And there's always a stage and a beautiful babe to squeeze my lime
In my simple way, guess you can say I'm living the big time
I know I'll probably never make a million bucks
But savings accounts and the IRS never worry me much
I don't need that stuff 'cause
I've got friends like you
To but me drinks, have boats and planes that I can use
I know you're really living in that house up on the hill
So if you feel like giving, friend I've got a jar to fill?REPEAT CHORUS
I'm having the time of my life
No worries on my mind
Everything's just fine
Today is even better than yesterday
Everything is going my way
I'm living the big time
And there's always a stage and beautiful babe to squeeze my lime
In my simple way guess you could say
I'm living in the bige time?

Song & Lyrics Facts

David Dallas' song "Big Time" was released in 2012 on his album The Rose Tint. The track is a hip hop and rap genre, written by David Dallas along with P-Money and Sam de Jong.

The band members include rapper/singer David Dallas himself as well as the producers P-Money and Sam de Jong. The lyrics of the song tell a story about how he's been hustling for years to make it big and now he's finally got there. It also talks about how people want him to stay humble and not flaunt his success but he doesn't care because he's living his dream. It's an inspirational anthem that celebrates being successful.

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