I Desire More Lyrics

Crystal Aikin

Crystal Aikin - I Desire More Lyrics


I'm needing, I'm wanting
There is something about You
I need to know more of

When I fall on my knees
It's in my prayer, oh God
Take me beyond the veil
Give me more of You, You

Oh Lord, and if it's not too much to ask
I want a deeper relationship with You
I want the oil of God to flow in me
Through and through

Here I am on bended knees
With outstretched arms crying Lord
Not my will, but Your will
Less of me, and more of You
I need more, I need more

As I go before Your throne
I give the praise to You alone
I lift my hands and give You worship
For You are God alone

Let Your glory fill this place
Show Your hand of mercy
I can't speak right until You come, Lord
Let Your presence fall on me

Here I am, accept my words
Accept my praise
I'm broken, I'm thirsty
Let Your blood flow through my veins
I desire more of You

Here I am, accept my words
I'm broken, I'm thirsty
Let Your blood flow through my veins
I want more, must have more
I gotta have more, I need more

I need more to lean right
I need more to walk right
I must sing for more, sing it for more
Many more

Here I am Lord
Yes, I'm here waiting on You
I need Your hand to be stretched
Down upon me, yes Lord
I need more of You, Lord
I need more of You, Lord

What will I be without You?
What can I do without You?
I'm yearning for You, I'm addicted for You
I'm crying for You, yes Lord

I'm broken, I'm thirsty
And I desire more
Listen, shower down on me
oh, I need more
More, more, I need more

Song & Lyrics Facts

Crystal Aikin's song "I Desire More" was released in 2017 as part of her album, Crystal Aikin. The song was written by Crystal and produced by Alex Cantrall and the band accompanying her on this track is the All-Star Band.

This soulful ballad highlights Crystal's powerful voice and lyrics that speak to the desire for more out of life. She sings about being content but still wanting to reach higher heights and take risks. Her message encourages us to be brave and follow our dreams no matter what obstacles may come our way. With its uplifting melody and inspiring words, "I Desire More" is a must-hear song from Crystal Aikin.

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