Imprisoned In Flesh Lyrics


Cathedral - Imprisoned In Flesh Lyrics



Wishing that the sun would shine,
flesh wasting dreams inside.
In this prison burning light,
which fades on the outside.

I only want to believe,
that there's a place better for me,
a union where lost souls meet,
where I can share this flame with thee,
hide and reach beyond entropy,
in all that you seek - burn with me.

Song & Lyrics Facts

Cathedral's song "Imprisoned in Flesh" was released on their 1995 album The Ethereal Mirror. Written by Lee Dorrian and Garry Jennings of the band, this heavy metal track is a powerful reminder of our mortality.

The lyrics explore themes of life and death, with an ominous tone that captures the listener's attention. With its intense guitar riffs and pounding drums, "Imprisoned in Flesh" has become one of Cathedral's most popular songs.

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