Take Off (Feat. Geddy Lee) Lyrics

Bob And Doug Mckenzie

Bob And Doug Mckenzie - Take Off (Feat. Geddy Lee) Lyrics


Take Off

Bob & Doug McKenzie (with Geddy Lee)

(Transcribed from original recording)

(Spoken) This is where the DJ talks. Don't say anything, okay?

(Spoken) Okay, eh?

(Sung) Cooo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo!

(Sung) Cooo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo!

(Spoken) Okay. Good day. Welcome to our single. I'm Bob McKenzie and

this is my brother Doug.

(Spoken) How's it going, eh?

(Spoken) Beauty, eh?

(Spoken) Yeah, I like that.

(Spoken) Okay. (Okay.)

(Spoken) Okay, everyone. This record was my idea.

(Spoken) Get out!

(Spoken) It was.

(Spoken) You're lying!

(Spoken) He... Hosehead here just sort of rid on my coattails.

(Spoken) Why are you doing this? It was our idea together, eh?

(Spoken) Yeah, okay.

(Spoken) (Yeah, okay.)

(Spoken) We agreed to... to say that, but...

(Spoken) Ah, take off!


Take off! To the Great White North!

Take off! It's a beauty way to go.

Take off! To the Great White North!

(Spoken) Decent singing, eh?

(Spoken) Yeah.

(Spoken) Yeah, he's good.

(Spoken) Okay, so Good Day. Our topic today is music.

(spoken) That's right like, cause my brother and I are now experts in

the field.

(Spoken) Yeah, right, cause we're a band now. (Yeah, yeah, so...)

(Spoken) And ummm... Well, except for him, I'm a band.

(Spoken) Aww. How can you do that? Making me look bad. You're such a


(Spoken) Yea? Well, take off!


(Guitar solo)

(Spoken) Hey, hosehead.

(Spoken) Yeah, what?

(Spoken) Yeah, listen to this what's coming. You know what it is?

(Spoken) What?

(Spoken) It's a drum solo!

(Spoken) Okay, everyone, like this is me on the drums!

(Spoken) Oh, get out! It is not. You're not...

(Spoken) It is so!

(Spoken) Stop lying, will ya?

(Spoken) Take off, eh!

(Spoken) Aww...


Take off!

Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooooo!

Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooooo!

(Repeat to end of song)

(Spoken) Beauty, eh?

(Spoken) Like magic, eh? It's coming in.

(Spoken) Well, that's like...

(Spoken) It's like it was sung by angels.

(Spoken) Hey, hosehead.

(Spoken) Yeah, what?

(Spoken) Guess what?

(Spoken) What?

(Spoken) It's over!

(Spoken) Take off! That can't be it!

(Spoken) Well... It is, yeah. Yeah, it is.

(Spoken) Why?

(Spoken) Because, well, hit records are short. Like, they...

(Spoken) No way.

(Spoken) ...yeah, they're not that long.

(Spoken) Okay. So, that's our topic for today. So, Good Day!

(Spoken) Good day!

(Shouted) Ay, you guys!

(Spoken) What?

(Shouted) Take off!

(Spoken) Wait! No!

(Spoken) Hey! Don't go!

(Spoken) No! Come back, eh?

(Spoken) Aww. Look what you did! Everybody's gone because of you! You said...

(Spoken) Come back! I won't let him do it again!

(Spoken) My fault, eh?

(Spoken) Yeah, your fault.

(Spoken) You are such a hoser.

(Spoken) There's no way I'll ever do another record with you Hoser.

(Spoken) Fine then, you'll be looking for me...

(Spoken) Yeah? I will not.

(Spoken) ...on another label.

(Spoken) Aww. Now everybody's gone.

(Spoken) So?

(Spoken) Good day!

(Spoken) Good day!

Song & Lyrics Facts

Bob and Doug McKenzie's "Take Off" (feat. Geddy Lee) is a classic Canadian rock song released in 1981 as part of the album The Great White North by Bob and Doug McKenzie, two fictitious characters created by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.

Written by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, the lyrics tell the story of an immigrant leaving his home country to pursue new opportunities in Canada. The song features guest vocals from Rush frontman Geddy Lee, who also provided backing vocals on other tracks from the same album. In addition to being a chart-topping single in Canada, "Take Off" has been featured in numerous films and television shows over the years. It remains one of the most beloved songs in the Canadian music canon.

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