Teenage Necrophilian Love Lyrics


Blitzkid - Teenage Necrophilian Love Lyrics


This is a song
For all you love birds out there
So what I you to do is
Grab the one your closest to
Take them by the hand
Look them into the eye, hold them real close, I guess you can tell them how much they mean to you
There's one more thing though, Its real important to me
You gotta do it for me, I can't think what it is
OH yeah, wait one second just wait, it will come to me
It really important though, while your looking at each other close holding each other close
I want you to do one think for me
I got it now
I want you to dance.

I'm lookin' for a date tonight
among all the tombstones.
In the grimy ground I think I've
found a lover to call my own.
It was getting lonely here
maybe I just try to hard,
But now I've got me a baby and she
dwells in the graveyard.

With my shovel I'm diggin' up the dead
Wrap her up tightly as we become one in my bed.

I'm not lonely anymore
I'm in love with a corpse

(repeat the whole damned thing expect intro)
(repeat chorus)

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