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Black Lips

Black Lips - Raw Meat Lyrics


Raw oysters, Texas Pete, sea urchin on the reef
Sour cheeseburger bit to eat
Lick butter goes with keef into the cocoa leaf
Fresh maggots on my teeth, they're cheap

Oh baby
Oh baby

Sweet bread's my favorite treat
Fresh lactaid from my teeth
And surely it's right and meat and cheap

Fresh onions on my leaf
Horse radish with horse meat
Sea urchin, ocean skeet to you

Oh baby
Oh baby

Song & Lyrics Facts

The song "Raw Meat" is a single from the Black Lips' album Arabia Mountain, released in 2011. It was written by Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley, two of the founding members of the band alongside Ian Saint Pe, Joe Bradley and Oakley Munson.

The genre of the song is garage rock with punk influences. The lyrics of "Raw Meat" are about being on the road as a musician, not having enough money to eat properly and having to eat raw meat instead. The song has been praised for its catchy guitar riffs and humorous lyrics. According to the band's lead singer, Cole Alexander, the song was inspired by their experience touring in Europe.

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