Canto Al Amor Lyrics

Binomio De Oro De America

Binomio De Oro De America - Canto Al Amor Lyrics


Muchachos quiero cantarle a la vida
Muchachos quiero cantarle al amor
Nunca los fusiles han disparado flores
nunca, nunca, nunca poeta so

Song & Lyrics Facts

Binomio De Oro De America is a popular Colombian vallenato band. The song "Canto Al Amor" was released in 2007 as part of their album Una Voz Romantica, which was produced by the record label Sonolux Records.

It is a romantic cumbia genre and its lyrics were written by Jairo Varela and Rafael Escalona. Binomio de Oro de America consists of two members: Javier Vásquez (accordionist) and Jorge Oñate (singer). This romantic ballad has become one of the most successful songs of the group since it release, reaching the top positions on various radio stations across Latin America and Spain. Its beautiful lyrics talk about love, faithfulness and commitment. According to some reports, the song was composed after Varela's wife asked him to write something for her. In 2018, they re-recorded the song with new arrangements and added some rock elements. This version was included in their album titled Canto al Amor y otros Grandes Éxitos.

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