I Got You Babe Lyrics


Bahamas - I Got You Babe Lyrics


I sang loud
My voice cut through the crowd
As if I was anybody
That might have something to say

Standing tall, I seemed to know it all
But the only thing I know is that
I've never known someone like you
I'm gonna figure out how it is

I got you
I got you, babe
And I held you
And I lost you

Time stood still
And I had my fill
Of all the things we did
And all the things we could have done

Looking back, would you cut me some slack?
For all the times I left you
When I should've stayed right by your side
I'm gonna figure out how it is

I got you
I got you, babe
And I held you
And I lost you

Song & Lyrics Facts

"I Got You Babe" is a classic love song by the Bahamian band, Bahamas. The track was included in their album and has since become one of their most popular songs.

This song falls under the genre of indie folk music and was written solely by Bahamas' lead vocalist and guitarist, Afie Jurvanen. The band members who performed "I Got You Babe" include Afie Jurvanen on vocals and guitar, Darcy Yates on bass and backing vocals, and Jason Tait on drums and percussion. The lyrics are known to be simple yet powerful, conveying messages of love and support between two individuals who face challenges in life but ultimately find solace in each other's company. Overall, "I Got You Babe" is an uplifting and catchy tune with heartfelt lyrics that have struck a chord with many listeners over the years. It's no wonder why this song has remained a staple in the indie folk scene and continues to inspire fans across the world.

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