Getaway Car Lyrics


Audioslave - Getaway Car Lyrics


drove all night form new york city
in your best friend's car
knocked on my door about five thirty
nursing a broken heart
still got your keys in your back pocket - still got your jacket on
back door's oben baby - I don't lock it
we can leave anytime we want
I got my motor runnin' - fingers drummin'
I never planned to stay
getaway - ya know it's now or never
getaway - nobody lives forever
we're only waitin' just to make you getaway
hey baby we were good together
seemed like you'd always be my girl
but looking back now we were just too clever
thinking love could change the world
ya know there's no point in waitin' hesitating
we gotta leave today

Song & Lyrics Facts

Audioslave's "Getaway Car" is a song off their self-titled debut album, released in 2002. The song was written by the band members of Audioslave: Chris Cornell, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk.

It is a hard rock/alternative metal song with lyrics that tell of an escape from a broken relationship. The song has become one of Audioslave's most popular songs to date, reaching number 4 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The song also features some interesting musical elements, such as reversed guitar riffs and a drum machine beat during the chorus. Musically, the song is driven by powerful guitar riffs and bass lines, while Cornell's vocals add emotion to the lyrics. Lyrically, the song speaks of a desire for freedom from a bad situation; it's a fitting metaphor for the struggles the band faced at the time.

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