Gasoline (Live From Letterman) Lyrics


Audioslave - Gasoline (Live From Letterman) Lyrics


Houses haunted, I just want to go for a ride
Out and on, thought I'd set this room a light
Left alone forever and for crimes unclear
With my patience gone, someone take me far from here

Yeah, burn that gasoline
Yeah, burn that gasoline

New day only another day in solitude
Houses honest, clearly more than I can bare
Drag me off before I set my world on fire
I am gone, the sun will never set tonight

Yeah, burn that gasoline
Yeah, burn that gasoline

No more forests, only a can on red
Says 'Danger' on it, I have found another way

Burn that gasoline
Yeah, burn that gasoline

Burn it all away
Burn it all away

Song & Lyrics Facts

Audioslave's "Gasoline" is a live performance from the Late Show with David Letterman, released in 2005. The song was originally featured on their self-titled debut album Audioslave which was released in 2002.

It is an alternative rock track written by Chris Cornell and Tom Morello, who are both members of the band. The lineup for Audioslave included vocalist Chris Cornell, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk. Their lyrics to “Gasoline” talk about burning out and being reckless, while also exploring themes of addiction and hope. This powerful live performance captures the energy of the song perfectly, showcasing the strength of Audioslave as a band.

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