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Annapantsu - Ordinary Lyrics


I notice how she looks at me
And I pretend that I don't see
It's easier if I let the tension subside
I've seen it in the books I read
A magic that you cannot see
There's no limitations, they wear it with pride

But the characters I read never act or look like me
I can't depend on them to lead me through the right door
And what's the point of falling when I know I'm only stalling?
'Cause I have to go back home

Where I'm just one in the herd, tripping ovеr my words
Trying hard to go with the grain
Keeping the quirks in my brain
I'm on the brink of discovеry, I think
But what if I'm dreaming?
That's what it seems like

'Cause this girl thinks I'm part of her world
And that new territory's scary
If I turn the handle, am I asking for a scandal?
Should I try to be ordinary? Baah!

I've always been a little odd
The only pea inside the pod
That's not an expression, I'm guessing, oh well
God, see? that's exactly what I mean!
I'm just as awkward as I seem
Plus she makes me nervous, I hope she can't tell

What is it she sees in this cluster clump of me
Or could it maybe be I'm going crazy?
And hey, who am I kidding?
This isn't some sweet beginning
Just a detour to the end

Then back to the herd, tripping over my words
Trying hard to go with the grain
Keeping the quirks in my brain
I'm on the brink of discovery, I think
But what if I'm dreaming?

Do I rewind? Induce amnesia?
Pretend I didn't see her?
Succumb to stupid fear
Or just believe in my heart?
Why play a part?

Why follow the herd?
Why not trust in my words?
Don't wanna go with the grain!
Don't wanna make myself plain?
I'm on the brink of rediscovery, I think
So what if I'm dreaming?
I like the scene that I'm in

And this girl is a part of my world
The thought of being normal's far more scary
I'll be brave and I'll be kind
I'll make a choice and change my mind
I will mess up all of the time
They'll say I'm weird, but I'll be fine
I'll be anything but ordinary

Song & Lyrics Facts

Annapantsu is a song by the Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK. It was released on April 15, 2020 as part of their 9th studio album Eye of the Storm.

The lyrics were written by Taka Moriuchi and composed by Tomoya Kanki. Annapantsu's lyrics are about being yourself and having confidence in who you are. Its upbeat melody makes it an uplifting anthem for anyone looking to find strength in themselves. The band has performed the song live at multiple concerts since its release, giving fans the chance to sing along to the inspiring lyrics.

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