Soul Suckers Lyrics

Amos Lee

Amos Lee - Soul Suckers Lyrics


Did you believe it,
when they told you they discovered you?
And that everything is free,
as long as you do what they tell you to.
You think it's true?

But nothing could be farther from the truth,
my love.

Did you even listen,
when I told you to change your name?
Now, no body wants honesty,
when luck can let our perfect frame,
play the game.

Nothing could be further from the truth,
my love.
And nothing is more powerful that beauty in a wicked world.
Play it girl,
play it girl,
play it girl.

Does it make you feel good,
when they tell you what you want to hear?
And after they suck all your soul,
well that's when they'll disappear.
They disappear forever.

Like a prince in your little fairy tale.
And you will find,
one day you put you soul on sale.

Nothing could be further from the truth,
my love.
And nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world.

Song & Lyrics Facts

Amos Lee's "Soul Suckers" is a track from his fourth studio album, Mission Bell. Released on January 25th 2011, the song was written by Amos Lee and Jay Joyce and features backing vocals from Patty Griffin and harmony vocals from Sam Bush.

The single peaked at number 30 on Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. With its soulful lyrics and catchy melody, “Soul Suckers” has become one of Lee’s most popular songs. Its lyrics focus on the idea of not letting people suck away your joy in life and instead finding something to bring you hope and happiness.

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