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Alt-J - Ms Lyrics


We can't lose touch but we can let go, blue and white gun made from Lego.
All the vowels vow to hold your name, keep your estate clean of me.
I've pillowed you so many times this week
Close eyes, open, close again, forget and fall asleep.
The dark seeks dark
The dark seeks dark
Ooooooooh darker
Ooooooooh darker
The nights of all my youth pressed into one glass of water.
Scattered truths, bewildered beast boohoos, we have our weight: ten thousand ladybirds. All the vowels vow to guard your name, keep your estate clean, happy.
Some things lie too deep for tears to well
Close eyes open, close again, feel as my body spells
Dark seeks dark
Dark seeks dark
Ooooooooh darker
Ooooooooh darker
The shadow burns across like embers tide paper.
Darker, darker, darker, darker.


Alt-J's "Ms" is a track from their 2012 debut album An Awesome Wave. Written by band members Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton and Thom Green, the song features minimalistic lyrics that explore themes of love and longing.

Released on May 28th, 2012, the single was met with critical acclaim for its unique sound and cleverly crafted lyrics. The haunting yet beautiful vocals combined with the dynamic instrumental composition make it one of the stand out tracks on the album. With its subtle electronic elements and poetic lyrics, “Ms” has become an iconic alt-J classic.

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