Work Or War Lyrics

A Global Threat

A Global Threat - Work Or War Lyrics


18 now, you're out of school, your childhood is spent
work or war
all you've got to do is figure out how to pay the rent
work or war
if you've got no money then your life is up for hire
work or war
start the cycle, job to job and hope you don't get fired
work or war
work for life
to get what you need
live as a wage slave to corporate greed
or kill for cash
the governments whore
these are your choices because they prey on the poor
seen the commercials and it's just a couple years
work or war
twenty thousand dollars towards a college and career
work or war
they're in the mail, they're on the phone, it's just a step away
work or war
it's kill or be killed, the g.i. bill doesn't pay
work or war

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